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Martin Usborne
One Picture Book #79: Fox About Town (with Print)

Photographs by Martin Usborne

Design by Nazraeli Press

Nazraeli Press, 2013

Edition of 500 copies


16 pp., 14 color illustrations and one original print signed on verso

145 x 185 mm

ISBN 978-1-59005-379-9

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In 2006, photographer Martin Usborne spent three days walking around London in the company of a fox, a dead fox, hired from a taxidermist at a rate higher than it would cost to rent a Ferrari. It was money well spent. Usborne had great fun interacting with people on the street and the fox, temporarily at least, was given a new lease of life. Follow this Fantastic Mr Fox, a delightful addition to our One Picture Book series, as he visits a grocery store, joins the queue at an ATM and – of course! – drops in at a good old British pub. Truly, this is one urbane fox.

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