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Melanie Pullen
One Picture Book #78: Juliette (with Print)

Photographs by Melanie Pullen

Design by Nazraeli Press

Nazraeli Press, 2013

Edition of 500 copies


16 pp., 7 color illustrations and one original print signed on verso

145 x 185 mm

ISBN 978-1-59005-378-2

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A book of seven repruductions, and one original photograph by Melanie Pullen.

"I was inspired to create a series showing a female perpetrator - a true femme fatale. As opposed to High Fashion Crime Scenes, which focused on the victim and was based entirely in reality, the Juliette series is a fantasy, and flips the model's role to one in a position of power. I approached Juliette Lewis with the idea and she became my muse for the series. I wrote scripts for each shot and she acted out the scenes. Each shot in essence is a film still. The only film still. The series was shot in Los Angeles in 2004." — Melanie Pullen

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