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Odysseia (SIGNED)

Antoine D'Agata
Odysseia (SIGNED)

Photographs by Antoine D'Agata

Text by Antoine d’Agata, Bruno Le Dantec, Rafael Garido

Design by Géraldine Fohr

André Frère Éditions, 2013

First edition


192 pp., illustrated throughout

165 x 212 mm

ISBN 979-10-92265-05-7

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I never photograph if I’m not a full participant in the situation I am interfering in or provoking. I slowly abandoned the position behind the camera to integrate myself in the images, as a mere character of the situations I depict. The process was brutal. Distancing myself from straightforward documentary photography, I document what I live and I live the situations I document. By transgressing the border that separates the photographer from the photographed, I become the object of my photography, a forced actor of my own premeditated scenario. The craving and the pain, through the sexual act, take me back to my own body. I face up, in my flesh, to the disorder of the world, to its violence and indignity. It is not a question of opening my eyes to this excess and horror, but letting it contaminate me, for better or worse.

I live my life with people who use pleasure as a way to impose their existence and identity in a world that denies them every right. But pleasure can’t be separated from pain and alienation. Pleasure is still a dark territory to me and I am exhausted exploring its limits. It’s just a route. Satisfaction isn’t the aim. Feeling might be the point. I’m hooked on adrenaline.

When I was on the ground, I constantly questioned the usefulness of my presence. I photographed people dying to show to those who let die. - Antoine D'Agata