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René Groebli

Photographs by René Groebli

Text by Daniel Blochwitz (German / English)

Design by René Groebli, Urs Thoenen

Sturm & Drang, 2016

First edition


64 pp., 56 b/w illustrations

300 x 290 mm

ISBN 978-3-906822-04-4

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With Nudes René Groebli gives us a work for sensuous pleasure that had grown over half a century. In the long history of sensual art photography one is hard pressed to find anyone comparable to the Swiss photo artist. His images appear timeless and still exhibit a technical perfection and expression of joy in experimentation that one usually ascribes to the avant-garde. 

Sometimes Groebli's work seems more akin to painting or at least to a pictorial kind of photography. In place of blurring brush strokes or filters he uses the grain of the film itself for the visual distortion of his photographs.

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