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Sakiko Nomura
Nude/A Room/ Flowers copy# 365/1000 (SIGNED)

Photographs by Sakiko Nomura

Text by Wakato Onishi, Hisako Motoo

Design by Satoshi Machiguchi

MATCH and Company Co., 2012

Edition of 1,000 numbered copies

Hardcover clothbound

unpaged, color and black & white illustrated throughout

217 x 293 mm

Item #2100

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Various subjects are seen here. Naked men and women, landscape, flowers, dimly alight street-lamps, monitor TV screens... Even if the objects she captures are various, her sight is essentially unchangeable. We are obliged to catch her pain right to know that she cannot recognize the world in any other ways except seeing like these. Photographers can take images by only tracing the real, and expose themselves by only going through the imaginary. The expression is never comfortable but something like karma imposed. For the expression or for the photography, photographers seem to construct their own lives. If no one else, Nomura is like that. She dedicates more time and thought in her life towards photography. If we would call such behavior the sacrifice, taking photography with mourn for the dead is nothing, but just being on the extended line of her sacrifice. She should be called a fine artist. Because she can be called the person eroded to the marrow of photography.

— Hisako Motoo


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