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Koji Onaka
NOGATA - My home town 1983-1998 (SIGNED w/ postcard)

Photographs by Koji Onaka

Text by Koji Onaka (Japanese / English)

Design by Koji Onaka

Kaido Books, 2015

Edition of 300 copies

softcover with flaps

80 pp., 72 b/w illustrations

210 x 150 mm

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Nogata was a coal mining town in the Chikuho area of Kyushu. Ken Domon published a famous photo book about the closure of the mines and the effects on children living in that area called "Chikuho No Kodomotachi" in 1960. I was born in the town of Nogata that same very year.

"[...] My family moved to another prefecture when I was a 3rd grade elementary school student. Because of this, I can't say that I really grew up in Nogata. And furthermore, I don't feel I really know anything about Nogata either. From 1983 onwards, I sometimes went back and visited Nogata with my camera, but at that time I didn't think that I wanted to take documenatry photos of the town. These days, I have a little bit of regret that I didn't take any photos of the old station or the Onaka house as it was back then". — Koji Onaka

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