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My House (SIGNED)

Seiji Kumagai
My House (SIGNED)

Photographs by Seiji Kumagai

Text by Seiji Kumagai

Design by KensukeTakahashi

Libro Arte, 2013

Edition of 1,000 copies


80 pp., 57 color illustrations

260 x 185 mm

ISBN 978-4-89610-285-7

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"I am always taking photos. I usually press the shutter button only once when taking photos. That is because I value the moment captured through the finder. Taking a look around for anything worth taking a photo and compose into a picture would require thinking process which I'd rather avoid. So, I decided not to do that. I always want to follow my instinct rather than my head. MY HOUSE, the title of this book, is the word which reflects the state of my mind and has almost the same meaning as "my mind". — Seiji Kumagai

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