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Jason Fulford
The Mushroom Collector

Photographs by Jason Fulford

The Soon Institute, 2010

First edition of 1,000 copies (Out of print)

Green debossed clothbound hardcover with photographically illustrated dust jacket

196 pp., 115 color illustrations

250 x 320 mm

ISBN 9789081058421

Item #1600

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Featured in The Photobook: A History Volume III 

"When this book arrived, I saw the cover and was afraid to look inside. I flipped through the first few pages and then put it down. I didn’t look at it again for days. It was everything I’d been waiting for and almost too much to handle. Now, after living with it for weeks, I can finally set aside my insane jealousy and proclaim this not only my top book of the year, but one of my all-time favorites." Alec Soth

From the publisher:

As photographer Jason Fulford recently learned firsthand, mushrooms have a way of growing and spreading wherever they touch ground. It all started when a friend of Fulford’s gave him a box, found at a flea market, full of photos of mushrooms--unassuming pictures taken by an unknown but almost certainly amateur photographer, apparently as notes for some mycological studies. Fulford’s art photographs--aside from his well-known book Dancing Pictures, which depicted people getting down to their favorite songs--are usually of staid, quasi-mute objects: a smashed Dorito chip overrun with ants, two bronzed doorknobs spooning, the blank back of a street sign. Yet these mushroom images got stuck in Fulford’s mind, like a bad song sometimes does, and they started to grow in his own work. The Mushroom Collector combines some of the original flea-market mushroom pictures with his own images and text by the artist about the project.