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Richard Kern

Photographs by Richard Kern

Art Paper Editions, 2020

Edition of 1,250 copies


88 pp., color illustrated throughout

225 x 320 mm

ISBN 9789493146518

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Between 2010 and 2018, Kern interviewed young women about the medications they used and the effects of those meds on their outlook. The images themselves are a hauntingly real insight into modern day drug addiction. Forget the back alleys, dirty needles and hollowed out eyes, Kern’s images instead comment on the – perhaps even more frightening – realisation that anybody can fall foul of addiction.

Richard Kern, photographer and filmmaker remains, first and foremost, a portraitist.   For more than two decades Kern has sought to unravel and illuminate the complex and often darker sides of human nature. Kern makes the psychological space between the sitter, photographer and audience his subject. With his dry, matter of fact approach, he underlines the absurdity of truth and objectivity in photography while playing with our reliance upon taxonomies around sexual representation. Kern has published 18 books. His films and photographs have been exhibited at MOMA, The Whitney Museum and in more than 50 solo shows around the world.