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Los Angeles, CA February 4, 1969

Stephen Shore
Los Angeles, CA February 4, 1969

Photographs by Stephen Shore

Design by Lana Faconti

Roman Nvmerals, 2019

Edition of 200 copies (out of print)


64 pp., 52 b/w illustrations

155 x 210 mm

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"In 1969 I was interested in how I could reduce the presence of visual conventions in my work. I wanted to get at something that felt more like an unmediated experience. I tried several approaches. One was to use conceptual frameworks that would eliminate some of my subjective decision-making. But, I approached Los Angeles, CA, February 4, 1969 differently. By using virtually every picture I made that day, I was aiming at a kind of visual stream-of-consciousness series that challenged conventions of framing."  Stephen Shore, 2018

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