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Marianne Mueller

Photographs by Marianne Mueller

Edited by Marianne Mueller, Paul Schiek, André Príncipe, José Pedro Cortes

Design by Trix Wetter

Pierre von Kleist, 2021

Edition of 700 copies


82 pp., color illustrated throughout

280 x 280 mm

ISBN 978-989-54245-6-6

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LEG? GEL? What is a leg and where can I get one? Why does it matter, what is it wearing? How many legs in the street, in my room, in the car, in the saloon? Is that an arm I see in the near distance, a sense of melancholy? Leg, do you have one to spare?

This book is the result of an extensive re-examination of the archive of Marianne Mueller‘s photographs from 1987 to 2017. Marianne Mueller (b.1966) is a Zurich-based artist working mostly with photography, video, installation, and books. She collects observations of quotidian environments that she recontextualizes in her works, often in reaction to the specific site of an exhibition. She is a professor at the Zurich University of the Arts. Her publications include The Flock (2004), The Proper Ornaments (2008), and Stairs Etc. (2014).