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Ron Jude

Photographs by Ron Jude

MACK, 2015

First edition

Embossed and printed linen hardcover

96 pp., 55 color illustrations

241 x 292 mm

ISBN 9781910164341

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2015 by David Campany, Gerry Badger, Hans Gremmen, Aaron Schuman, Sarah Bradley, Jason Fulford, Mark Power, Harvey Benge

In Lago, Ron Jude returns to the California desert of his early childhood as if a detective in search of clues to his own identity. In a book of 54 photographs made between 2011 and 2014, he attempts to reconcile the vagaries of memory (and the uncertainty of looking) with our need to make narrative sense of things. Using a desolate desert lake as a theatrical backdrop, Jude meanders through the arid landscape of his youth, making note of everything from venomous spiders to discarded pornography. If one considers these traces to be a coded language of some sort, Jude’s act of photographing and piecing them together becomes a form of cryptography – like a poetic archeology that, rather than attempting to arrive at something conclusive, looks for patterns and rhythms that create congruity out of the stuttering utterances of the visible world. According to Jude, “these harmonies, when we’re lucky enough to find them, are probably the closest we can get to discovering actual ‘meaning’ and grasping the potency of place.”

"For me this book is visual poetry. It is about a state of mind more then it is about an actual place, using the landscape as a visual maze to get lost in." — Hans Gremmen

"What I most admire in both Lick Creek Line and now, with Jude’s most recent book Lago, is the courage to turn back and engage with memory and identification through a past landscape — and that such an investigation doesn’t result in a nostalgic or sentimental retelling — better still, an open narrative made fluid by the absence of linear storytelling and latent details in a landscape that make for our own discoveries." — Raymond Meeks

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