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Gianni Melotti
La Storia Segreta delle 32 Immagini di Finta Guerra

Photographs by Gianni Melotti

Text by Pier Luigi Tazzi, Lorenzo Bruni, Gianni Melotti, Elio Grazioli

Design by 89books

89books, 2020

Edition of 89 copies

Softcover in haversack military bag

72 pp., illustrated throughout

240 x 300 mm

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Limited Edition of 89 copies, each shipped in a haversack military bag.

Thirty-Two Photos of Mock War is a postal package, wrapped in newspaper, containing an Agfa Brovira photographic paper box. Inside, there are twenty-six photos in black and white and a letter on tissue paper. It also includes the string used to wrap the package and the receipt of the shipment. The package was shipped from Jaipur, India.

The photos are gelatine prints with soft-toned silver salts, low-contrast, most likely due to the soak used for their development, perhaps expired or altered. The backs of the photos have the photographer’s stamp. The text of the letter addressed to someone named Franca, refers to the photos in the package, in the hope that she might “place them appropriately” and to six other photos of the same series, shipped to Tommaso Trini, to be published in a magazine. The typewritten page goes on to discuss personal comments on the harsh experience of the photo-reportage. It’s signed Gianni.

The edges of the cardboard box lid are in bad condition and a piece is falling off, most likely because of several customs inspections at various borders. The string used to tie it up is made up of several independent threads, handcrafted with red- and ochre-colored hemp. The newspaper used for wrapping is “The Times of India” from 25 December 1977. The counterfoil shows the stamp of an Indian post office, with the shipping date and the Italian address of the recipient.