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Antony Cairns

Photographs by Antony Cairns

Design by Michael Kominek

Kominek, 2016

Edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered

Softcover, silkscreened with pearl color and neon orange

96 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

95 x 150 mm

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A traditionally trained photographer who learnt his trade at the London College of Printing towards the end of the 1990s, Antony Cairns' photographic practice has remained rooted in chemical-based techniques. Shooting almost exclusively in black and white film, he prints all of his own work, often experimenting with forgotten and discarded methods, and frequently becoming engrossed in the process, its imperfections and oddities. Since Cairns become involved with the Archive of Modern Conflict in 2007 his work has also been influenced by some of the rare and unusual photographic treasures held within the Archive's collection.

LA-LV brings together Antony Cairns' work from Los Angeles and Las Vegas in 2014-2015. Cairns has developed a highly distinctive body of work that is now reproduced in yet another rich and unconventional format. All images in this volume were shot using Agfa APX 35mm film which was then reversal processed to make black and white transparencies. These chemically-altered photographs have hence been Duotone printed; deep black on silver ink, resulting in a metallic effect, remaining loyal to Cairns' characteristic style of printing on aluminium.