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Issei Suda
The Journey to Osorezan

Photographs by Issei Suda

Text by Issei Suda

Design by Junichi Munetoshi 

Zen Foto Gallery, 2013

First edition

Softcover in transparent slipcase

71 pp. , 65 b/w illustrations

225 x 255 mm

ISBN 978-4-905453-32-1

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Memories sometime suddendly revive, but sometimes are folded into many layers in a complex way like a piece of paper. During the thrifling days of a journey, people wordlessly put away their feeling into their hearts. However an unconscious seal can easily break at unexpected moments. As you start forgetting its existence, the past yet again touches and moves your heart, after being triggered by perception. The individual often does not realize what it is that is moving himself. This is perhaps why I always take photos when I see similar scenes or similar situations. I continue to repeat the process of following the contours of memories burnt on the negative of my heart. For me, photography in itself is a journey, a treasure hunt looking for something that had resonated with the strings of my heart in the past.

— Issei Suda

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