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Piergiorgio Casotti / Emanuele Brutti

Photographs by Piergiorgio Casotti, Emanuele Brutti

Text by Piergiorgio Casotti (Italian / English)

Design by Fiorenza Pinna

Skinnerboox, 2018

Edition of 650 copies

Softcover + paper fasteners

144 pp., illustrated throughout

240 x 340 mm

ISBN 9788894895117

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Shortlisted for the Kassel Dummy Book Award 2018

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2018 by Brad Feuerhelm, Paul Graham

“There are about 4 or 5 books this year that have likewise intrigued me. Endeavors like these reaffirm my faith in photography and the photobook. The medium is far from exhausted. Bravo.“ — Paul Graham

“Apart from the pictures being hauntingly beautiful, the edit, the sequencing the narrative potential of which makes it an engaging work to use as a tool of communication instead of self-interest. Highest recommendation.” — B. Feuerhelm

The Gini Index (/ˈdʒiːni/ JEE-nee) is the most commonly used measurement of inequality.

It is on the subtle perception of (human) failure that this work is based around. The idea of a discontinuity between adjacent human spatial systems. As in a visual dialogue between R. Carver and E. Hopper this work unfolds as a “theater of silence” play, made of an absence of characters and their peculiar stories, where things seen and narrated remain untold and suspended in time, in that specific moment of uncertainty, poised between something elusive that just happened, and whose consequences we are just able to perceive, or the exciting feeling that it will happen soon. A limbo filled with tensions and doubts. Nothing happens apparently, but the story takes place in the silence of lives.

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