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Giorgio Grillo
The Italian Photobook 1931-1941

Text by Girogio Grillo (Italian, English)

Design by Gas Davy Design

Danilo Montanari, 2020

First edition

Softcover with flaps

272 pp. + booklet with English text, illustrated throughout

170 x 240 mm

ISBN 9788885449541

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(Includes the essay The Italian Photobook 1931-1941 - Experimentation, Industry, Propaganda in English in a separate booklet)

The Italian Photobook 1931-1941 examines the most interesting and innovative photographic books that appeared in Italy in the decade in which "modern" photography developed in that country. Border publishing, which oscillates between autonomous visual research (starting from the newfound experimentalism in the futurist field) and a 'functional' use of photographic illustration, in the two parallel and often crossed fields of advertising and propaganda.

Large Italian companies (Olivetti, Fiat, Snia Viscosa, Montecatini, etc.) recognized in those years the importance of linking their image to innovative graphic projects, in which photography plays a much more effective role than drawing; at the same time, the fascist regime, having concluded its first phase of expansion and consolidation, discovers the power of photography and avant-garde techniques, especially photomontage, in the context of those promotional and self-celebrating practices that it increasingly needs to drive and maintain consent.

The book collects and illustrates about one hundred works, which emerge from an almost forgotten (if not removed), but conspicuous and often high-level editorial production, many of which due to the work of leading artists of the period, including Antonio Boggeri, Erberto Carboni, Franco Grignani, Bruno Munari, Giuseppe Pagano, Luigi Veronesi: tracing, we can say, the brief and intense history of graphic and photographic modernism in Italy.