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Good Dog (SIGNED)

Yusuf Sevincli
Good Dog (SIGNED)

Photographs by Yusuf Sevincli

Design by Frederic Lezmi, Okay Karadayilar

Filigranes, 2012

First edition

Clothbound hardcover

80 pp., 44 b&w illustrations

210 x 270 mm

ISBN 978-2-35046-258-5

Item #2005

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Yusuf Sevincli not seeking unilateral consent or approval of an audience. It merely photographing hisenvironment, his fears and questions daily, and sees the photograph means to stay connected to the things andbeings, a response - response - to the environment that surrounds and movements inhabitBy the quality of his work and thinking around it - both deep and naive - Yusuf gives us a photographic treasureat the same time a great lesson in humility. A breath of fresh air in sclerotic small world of art today.

"I started at the age of 20 years, during my university yearsI was studying journalism and my first contact with photography was done during the course of the history of photojournalism. More than practice, so I wasfirst attracted by the history of photography and its iconic figuresby the sense of their messages and the effort to understand the power of the image. I am now convincedthat beyond the style of each photographer or an artistmaking use of photography should know the history ofthe latter, in order to understand their capabilities fair value of the medium." - Yusuf Sevincli

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