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Gerry Johansson
God Jul & Gott Nytt Ar (SIGNED)

Photographs by Gerry Johansson

Text by Marie Lundquist

Design by Henrik Nygren, Greger Ulf Nilson

Gun Gallery, 2011

Edition of 500 copies, signed in pencil on cover


54 pp., 24 black & white illustrations

175 x 245 mm

ISBN 978-91-977658-9-3

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In Sweden, some forty million Christmas cards are sent each year. In addition to the text, the image on the card is the message. The Post Office Museum divides the themes into five categories: Landscapes and birds, musicians, elves, angels of all ages and kind children. 

Gerry Johansson’s Christmas cards can’t be arranged according to the Post Office Museum’s categories. It may be asked if the Scanian winter even qualifies as anything we think of as the Christmas Spirit. I is ubiqitously grey. Disparate lights shine through the fog like will-o’-the-wisps. Could an elf really use them to navigate? In conjunction with distance-depicting images such as these, the words HAPPY CHRISTMAS are given a diferente tone. The sender really means them. No glitzy bookmark illusions are conveyed here. This is what reality looks like. It demands a slow contemplation in which all of our glittering notions are brought down. Reality is beautiful, even in its complete greyness.” Marie Lundquist

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