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Sakiko Nomura
Go West (Black)

Photographs by Sakiko Nomura

Text by Takuya Hasegawa,  Yosuke Fujiki, Tomoaki Kitagawa (English, Japanese)

Design by Hiroshi Nakajima

Libro Arte, 2019

First edition


128 pp., 285 illustrations

148 x 210 mm

ISBN 978-4-904541-25-8

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“Go West”, published on occasion of Sakiko Nomura’s solo exhibition at the Hekinan City Tatsukichi Fujii Museum Of Contemporary Art, her first show at a public museum. The works featured in the book include travel photos beginning in Japan and “going West”, from Yamaguchi Prefecture to Taiwan, Harbin, China, India, Paris, and Spain, and also new works taken in Hekinan for the exhibition.

Readers new to Nomura’s work are treated with an excellent chance to dive into her sensual oeuvre of imagined, distant worlds shrouded in darkness, where neither words nor sounds seem to penetrate. Context and deeper insight is provided by several essays written by Japanese critics and The book opens with several essays by Japanese researchers and curators (all texts in Japanese and English translation).

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