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Jason Eskenazi
By the Glow of the Jukebox: The Americans List

Conceived and compiled by Jason Eskenazi

Red Hook Editions, 2012

Edition of 2,000 copies


85 pp., text throughout

130 x 210 mm

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012 by Michael Kominek

“Before I quit the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a security guard in late 2009 after twenty months of standing around, I used the opportunity of The Americans: Looking In exhibition to get to know a seminal and central part of photography history. And although I had been a photographer, mostly self-taught, for about twenty years, I had never really studied the book.

"(…) The Americans is probably the one book that connects more photographers than any other, so while guarding the show I saw many of my photography colleagues enter. Between clicking visitors on my hand-held counter cupped into the palm of my hand, I began asking them what their knock-out favorite image was. Though many said it was too hard to choose and that many images were important to them, I insisted. I discovered that many of the answers revealed much more about the photographers themselves. And it was when I was alone in those galleries, staring at Frank’s images, that I decided to give my notice.” — Jason Eskenazi

The Americans List includes contributions by Joel Meyerowitz, Ken Schles, Ralph Gibson, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Ladd, Alec Soth, Martin Parr, Mark Steinmetz, Anders Petersen, Rodger Ballen, Graciela Iturbide, Stephen Gill and Robert Frank, amongst many others.

"With its fantastic concept, easy-going production, and widespread influence, The Americans List is a tribute to the gamut of photobook masters' masterpieces. Instead of images there are only words, which then instigate an internal visual projection." — Markus Schaden

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