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Takuma Nakahira, Takashi Homma
Gecko (AP)

Photographs and text by Takuma Nakahira, Takashi Homma

Little Big Man, 2013

First edition, artist proof copy


64 pp. + poster, 71 color illustrations

220 x 270 mm

Item #2110

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Takashi Homma curates a selection of Takuma Nakahira's modern color work, alongside portraits of Nakahira taken by Homma. The edition includes an oversized poster, an except from the archival essay by Nakahira 'Where the Gaze Reaches its Limits', and the contemporary critical text from Homma 'A Gecko on the Ceiling'.

" (...) The moth was already within the gecko's range. It happened in an instant. The gecko made a move faster than any of the others so far, leaping five or six centimeters and swallowing the moth in one motion. I couldn't understand how it could swallow the big moth all at once. A part of the moth's wing was stocking out of the gecko's mouth, but it didn't move its mouth-it held its position without moving a muscle." - excerpt from the essay "WHERE THE GAZE REACHES ITS LIMITS" — Takuma Nakahira

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