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Gus Powell
Family Car Trouble

Photographs by Gus Powell

TBW Books, 2019

Edition of 940 copies

Hardcover with dust jacket

128 pp., 74 illustrations

158 x 228 mm

ISBN 978-1-942953-39-5

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Family. Car. Trouble. Three nouns. When doesn't trouble follow both family and car? A tender series of pictures: I fell in love with everybody. Especially the car." Sally Mann

"2019 was a banner year for photobooks. Dozens of publications impressed me with their creative horsepower. But the one that touched me the most, Gus Powell’s Family Car Trouble, is as modest, sturdy and lovable as the 1993 Volvo it features.”  Alec Soth

"Gus Powell’s masterful family photo novella. Beautiful, sad and bittersweet. Perfect. The Volvo cried, and I cried with it.”  Christian Patterson

"Gus Powell’s book is a delicate balance of extremes – motion and stillness, life and death, skin and steel – a young family, a dying father and the constant maintenance of a 1992 Volvo. The car provides the necessary comic metaphor from what otherwise would have been an oppressive narrative. Many photographers have tried to share their parental loss but few have succeeded. Family Car Trouble is regarded as “a new classic of the Automotive Bereavement Parenting genre.” Jeff Ladd

With Family Car Trouble, Gus Powell plays with the form of the novel, both as material object and as narrative vehicle for expressing interior life. The work records and reckons with the arrival of children, the departure of a father, and the maintenance of a difficult 1992 Volvo 940 station wagon. 

A new classic of the Automotive Bereavement Parenting genre.

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