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Koji Onaka
Extra Hard (SIGNED)

Photographs by Koji Onaka

Text by Koji Onaka

Design by Koji Onaka

Matatabi Library, 2014

Edition of 250 copies (out of print)


100 pp. , b/w illustrated throughout

150 x 190 mm

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"When I was 22 years old, I came accross some photo paper called "GEKKO VR-4". Similar to a distortion effects pedal for a guitar, anything could be changed into hard contrast with this magic paper. With this, I thought I would become like Daido Moriyama. I was happy rapidly making a lot of hard prints. If I had made these prints one year ago, I think that all the photography school teachers would be pretty angry! I thought that the harder the print is, the cooler it is. However, this is because I was a member of the image shop CAMP then." -— Koji Onaka

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