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Naohiro Harada
Drifting (SIGNED)

Photographs by Naohiro Harada

Design by Yizhen Lin

Zen Foto Gallery, 2014

Edition of 500 copies


56 pp., 28 b/w illustrations

257 x 184 mm

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I remember a scene, once upon a time,
when I was a little girl holding my mother’s hand.
And I imagine a day when I was a young boy wearing a hat with a starry pattern.
While I was reaching for the memory of those days when I was an old man,
my body suddenly became a hat.
After becoming a hat flying in the sky,
I started yearning to be a shoe hugging the ground.
After becoming the shoe, I passed through the smile of a girl,
and, finally arriving at some person`s shredded back, I remember.

I used to be father, a mother, an aged man,
I used to be immature, pretty, ugly,
I used to be a sibling, a friend, a lover, someone else, a boy, a girl,
I used to laugh, to cry,
I used to be happy and angry.
As I close my eyes, in the darkness,
all these people are drifting. On the surface of the silent jet black film,
my body drifts inside them; and their bodies keep drifting too, inside me.

One day, you will have a dream of meeting me, and I a dream of meeting you.
Like an illusion, you may be able to hear the images collected in the darkness of my camera obscura,
in the hubbub of the street.

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