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Koji Onaka
The Dog in France (SIGNED)

Photographs and text by Koji Onaka

Design by Hajime Hashimoto

Sokyu-sha, 2008

First edition

Hardcover clothbound

64 pp., 30 black & white illustrations

198 x 217 mm

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"In 1992, amidst various personal problems, I felt it would be best to let them clear up by getting away from Tokyo for a while. That being the case, I decided on a destination where no rumours or talk would follow, France. In the flowering city of Paris, where I had no particular motive to visit, nor felt any particular attraction to, I spent my days unable to get meals that I wanted to eat, with no ability to speak the language. Thus I retreated further into myself, and my memories of those days consist mostly of spending long evenings alone in my hotel room drinking cheap wine. Finding it hard somewhow to press the shutter." — Koji Onaka

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