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JH Engström
Day by Day w/ signed Print

Photographs by JH Engstrom

Text by JH Engstrom

Design by Thibault Jeffroy

Éditions Bessard, 2020

Edition of 600 copies w/ signed Print


unpaged, color illustrated throughout

205 x 255 mm

Item #9043

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"The banal is the true sublime" [...] could sum up the ambition of this volume." Rémi Coignet

Shortlisted for the Photo-Text Book Award, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles 2020

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2020 by Rémí Coignet

"Day by Day is an excellent body of work. I find myself thinking calmly between its covers and it resists my natural urge to look for error within its form. It will be on my list for the end of the year and I feel compelled to habitually follow the career of Engström [...]" Brad Feuerhelm in Nearest Truth

"In 2017 I moved to Montreuil, just outside of Paris. I left Smedsby, Värmland and Sweden. One week after I had installed myself in my new neighbourhood the publisher Pierre Bessard contacted me and proposed me a carte blanche for a book publication. 'Do whatever you want. When you are done you tell me and then we print” My direct and intuitive reaction was simple. I would photograph my first years in my new surroundings. I stayed very close to my home. I did not go more than 500 meters from my studio. I made simple notes. I photographed from my window. I photographed in the streets, bars and cafés. Encounters with people. Atmospheres. Emotions. I used all different types of photographic technics; Fuji instant film, Polaroid, 135 mm, 120 mm, the phone and digital camera. I mixed B/W and colour. On the back cover of the book I wrote this text:

Moving in,

looking out.

Here it is warm

and human.

I could stay here."

       — JH Engström, Montreuil 2020

JH Engström has authored many photographic monographs, including Shelter (1997); Trying to Dance (Journal, 2003); Haunts (Steidl, 2005); CDG/JHE (Steidl, 2008); Foreign Affair (Super Labo, 2011); La Résidence (Journal, 2009); From Back Home (Max Ström, 2009); Sketch of Paris(Aperture, 2013); Långt Från Stockholm (Aron Mörel, 2013), Ende und Anfang, Early Trips(André Frère Éditions, 2013); Tout va bien (Aperture, 2015); Revoir (Akio Nagasawa Publishing / Journal, 2017); Crash (Akio Nagasawa Publishing, 2018); and four films and video installations: Här/Ici/Here (shortfilm, 5 mn., JH Engström, 2017); The Words(simultaneous screenings, 6h., 2017); Bertil and Maggan : a documentary (28 mn, Jenny Örnborn, Story, 2006); A film about/with Anders Petersen (52 mn, JH Engström, 2006); He is the recipient of international prizes and grants including the Leica Oskar Barnack Prize (Tout Va Bien, 2015); the Golden Letter (La Résidence, 2012); the Rencontre d’Arles photobook prize (From Back Home, with Anders Petersen, 2009); he was shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photographic Prize (Trying to Dance, 2005) and received a grant from the Andrea Frank Foundation (1998). He is the winner of the Photographic Book of the year in Sweden (with Shelter, 1998).