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Daido Moriyama
Selfridges x Daido Moriyama Complete Set of 3 Skate Decks

Selfridges, 2019

Edition of 80

Mapple wood

3 skate decks,

790 x 210 mm each

Item #9181

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, London’s Selfridges opened an installation inside its Oxford Street space that payed homage to iconic Japanese photographer, Daido Moriyama. The Lip Bar, sized 2 x 3.3 meters, was a complete replication of an authentic Japanese Golden Gai bar that was named after an up-close lip photograph by Moriyama. The famed visual was plastered on the walls of the bar in red and black iterations.

Accompanying the installation was an exclusive capsule collection comprised of hoodies, T-shirts, and three different skate decks bearing Moriyama’s lip motif produced in a limited edition of 80 each.

Daido (Hiromichi) Moriyama was born on October 10th 1938, in Ikeda-cho (now Ikeda-shi), Osaka. In 1961, Moriyama moved to Tokyo, to join the eminent photographer's group VIVO in March, whose members included Shomei Tomatsu. After the groups disbandment, Eikoh Hosoe took Moriyama on as an assistant which would lead to Moriyama assisting in the production of Hosoe's series Ordeal by Roses a year later. In 1964, Moriyama started his career as a freelance photographer. He frequently shot around the American base in Yokosuka, Atami, Shinjuku, Asakusa, etc.

His solo works have been published and displayed in many local and international exhibitions, and can be seen at Fondation Cartier pour l'art Contemporain (Paris), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), The Museum of Modern Art (New York), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo), and other public collections worldwide.