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Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni
CONTACTS - Forcella contact sheets (SIGNED)

Photographs, text and design by Jean-Marc Caimi, Valentina Piccinni

Self published, 2016

Edition of 30 copies, hand-numbered


34 contact sheet reproductions, 170 b/w illustrations

40 x 280 mm

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CONTACTS gathers 170 contact pictures from Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni's Forcella project, scanned directly from the original strip sheets, xerox printed on 250 grams paper and marked with the photographers' signs. Each booklet is hand-made and unique, printed in a limited edition of 30 numbered copies.

... in Naples we were shooting all day and, at night, we developed our films in the improvised darkroom put up in the bathroom of the small flat where we lived. While loading the tanks and preparing all the rest, sounds and noises of the neighbourhood continued to infiltrate, pervading the atmosphere. People watching TV in their cubby holes with windows open after a torrid day, scooters with rigged mufflers, conversations, quarrels, whistling and songs arising from the timy alleys of Forcella. The city was permeating us night and day. Our prictures were developed while soaking in this unique and unrepeatable human primordial soup.

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