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Guido Guidi
Cinque Paesaggi 1983-1993

Photographs by Guido Guidi

Text by Antonello Frongia, Laura Moro

Design by Leonardo Sonnoli

Edizioni Postcart, 2013

First edition


108 pp., 75 color and 14 b/w illustrations

240 x 300 mm

ISBN 978-88-905072-2-9

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In spite to the overworn iconography of stereotyped landscapes, Guidi’s photographic research is rooted in a particular attitude to the exploration of the landscape that he likes to define - quoting Cesare Zavattini- as “random and commonplace”. It’s a type of landscape that recombines a variety of elements. Sometimes it is the outcome of casual encounters, sometimes it is the result from careful investigations and repeated verifications. Guidi’s preference for “marginal” landscapes is, therefore, an opportunity to reflect on the nature of photography. The teching of a great photographer, to help us gain a greater awareness of the world around us. 

Guido Guidi was born in Cesena in 1941. At the end of the 1960's, influenced by the neorealist cinema and by conceptual art, Guidi started a research on contemporary landscapes altered by man’s hand, like rural landscapes or suburbs. By using “large format” images, Guidi creates an intense sequence that leads us to many reflections about the meaning of landscape and photography.

"Cinque Paesaggi collects one of the first storiographical approaches to Guido Guidi research work, gathering together five groups of photographs from his archive retracing his way from his house, near Cesena, to Venezia and its surroundings. Almost a ritual, expressed through photography and movement. This is a very simple book, focused on photographs in a very essential and traditional way, although the designer behind this project is one of the great Italian book design touchstones, Leonardo Sonnoli: a great reference point when you get a bit too disoriented by this great season of strong influence of design in photobook making." - Chiara Capodici


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