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Valery Faminsky
Berlin Mai 1945

Photographs by Valery Faminsky

Text by Arthur Bondar, Valery Faminsky, Peter Steinbach (English / German)

Buchkunst Berlin, 2020

Second edition

Clothbound hardcover

184 pp., 114 b/w illustrations

260 x 220 mm

ISBN 9783981980585

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“During my service for the Military Medical Museum of the Red Army, from November 1943 to May 1945 I served on seven fronts in WWII. […] From the 22nd of April to the 24th of May 1945, I covered the Russian entry into the suburbs of Berlin and then inside the city.”

Part of the impressive unknown archive of Russian war photographer Valery Faminsky (1914–1993) is now available in the second edition of Berlin Mai 1945. The book shows the first days of peace in Berlin, from a personal, very human point of view. Taken without any kind of pathos and propaganda, these photographs describe with a humanistic look the longing for peace and the reality of war. The authenticity and the closeness to the events make the viewer witness to these historical hours and days. Judging by the outstanding artistic quality of his photographs, Valery Faminsky is on a par with photographers such as Jewgeni Chaldej and Robert Capa.

"What makes Faminsky’s photographs so interesting isn’t just that he happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was also an extremely skilled photographer who took pictures of a bewildering variety of scenes. [...] It’s a truly incredible archive that is now widely available again and that adds visuals to a widely known story." Joerg Colberg

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