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Daisuke Yokota
Back Yard (SIGNED)

Photographs and design by Daisuke Yokota

Self published, 2012

First edition


50 pp., 26 b&w illustrations

200 x 290 mm

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012 in Photo-eye by John Gossage

"We recollect a single experience from the past again and again. But I don't think these recollected memories are always the same. Memories are always brought out in relation to a present condition, and through this repeatable recollection of memories I believe a memory becomes influenced by - and therefore - a product of what is happening to us now. Although the physical experience of time is singular, I believe time at a conscious level can multiply every time one recollects a memory and the different experiences of times generated by these actions pass in parallel to a physical time. By recreating those multiplying memories via a series of recollecting actions, I use them as important data that tell me about my contemporary self and its surrounding world." - Daisuke Yokota

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