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Miron Zownir
Apotheosis and Derision

Photographs by Miron Zownir

Tect by Gaetano La Rosa (English, German, Italian)

Design by Outer Space Press

Pogo Books, 2021

First edition

Softcover, folded poster

96 pp., 70 b/w illustrations

220 x 290 mm

ISBN 978-3-942547-69-7

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Miron Zownir, the photographer. Or rather, the "Teutonic phenomenographer", or as the great American writer Terry Southern characterized him, the "poet of radical photography" , author of the 73 medium and large format photographs shot  between 1977 and 2019, mainly in the metropolises of New York, Berlin, and Moscow, but also in Kiev, capital of his native Ukraine, and in London, San Francisco, and Hamburg, accompanied by a selection of his films, exhibited here in his first major retrospective in Italy. In short, Miron Zownir, is perhaps better described as an artist with a strong affinity for theater.