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Gerry Johansson
Amerikabilder 1962-63 (SIGNED)

Photographs by Gerry Johansson

Text by Goran Rosenberg

Design by Gerry Johansson

Bildibok, 1995

Edition of 300 copies


80 pp., 54 black & white illustrations

210 x 250 mm

ISBN 91-87220-05-9

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During fall and spring, migrating birds can be seen along Intersate 95, in the fall heading southward and in the spring northward. Mile after mile of heavy vans, trailers hauling boats, shiny aluminium recreational vehicles carrying satellite dishes and perhaps even a dinghy. Up and down, year after year. I think it would be difficult to capture in a freeze-frame the socially complicated movement that surrounds them - the direction and the underlying goal.

Gerry Johansson's photographs from the early 1960's would appear to have documented a simpler, more easily captured movement, at times confusingly akin to equality and harmony. Naked, open, dreaming faces awaiting the movement that inevitably must come. At the same time, it is an America with hastily gathered possessions, the rented trailer, the departure, the recently vacated home, and the one yet to be found. An America where movement runs the risk of becoming everything and the goal nothing. An America whose cities and roads are lined with broken dreams and empty houses. And in the interim? Moments that will never return, restless, mobile Amricans in the freeze-frames of nostalgia. - Goran Rosenberg

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