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Simon Johansson
Across the Bridge

Photographs by Simon Johansson

Text by Simon Johansson (English / Swedish)

Design by Simon Johansson, Gösta Flemming

Journal, 2016

First edition

Clothbound hardcover

108 pp., 56 b/w illustrations

220 x 250 mm

ISBN 978-91-87939-16-7

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"The sound of the Öland Bridge expansion joints against the tyres. The first years, when the bridge was new, islanders would come out in droves along the road to look at the invasion of the mainlanders. They don’t anymore. Apart from that most things have kept the same, time runs slower here. I see friendship, happiness, love, a breakup and a sorrow. There is so much ugliness here. So much beauty.”

— Simon Johansson

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