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David Thomson

Edited by David Thomson

AmcBooks, 2013

First edition

Two volumes, hardcover

157 pp. per volume, 82 duotones plus 82 CMYK recto and 82 CMYK verso images per volume

255 x 285 mm

ISBN 978-0-9570490-4-8

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The title of this two-volume set, 82, gives little clue to the content beyond the fact that 82 photos are included in each volume. Like some bureaucratic code, it marks but does not describe. All the images included in the two volumes date from WWII and none were taken by professional photographers. In the back of each volume the images are exhibited at their actual size, like specimens, showing both front and back sides. In the front sections, meanwhile, the same images are enlarged and we can travel inside them.

The edit is like a guidebook to the stratified emotions that exist in our warlike nature. Volume 1 gives us a fleeting glance at the temporal nature of material culture as it rides alongside unfolding conflict. Volume 2 draws on the human cost. 82 is like no other narrative you will have seen before and is so layered that no amount of analysis will end in firm conclusion.

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