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The 3rd  Person Archive

John Stezaker
The 3rd Person Archive

Photographs by John Stezaker

Design by YES

Walther Koenig, 2009

First edition

Clothbound hardcover

338 pp., 300 b/w illustrations

167 x 245 mm

ISBN 978-3-86560-371-5

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Featured in The Photobook: A History Vol. III (pp. 296)

John Stezaker has been collecting photographic city views from the 1920s and 30s for 30 years, focusing on subjects photographed by chance. Here, he presents hundreds of mostly stamp-size details, miniatures that hint at the fates and encounters of long-forgotten people caught in urban labyrinths.

"Stezaker is a brilliant artist who through appropriation and little alteration continues to shift our perceptions. This archive, which was started in 1976, looks much different from his collage work with film stills or postcards, but within its seeming simplicity he has created a small book of wanderers which is anything but pedestrian." — Jeffrey Ladd

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