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John Gossage
Who Do You Love - Twelve Reproductions (SIGNED)

Photographs by John Gossage

Text by John Gossage, Darius Himes

Design by Masumi Shibata

Fraenkel Gallery, 2014

Edition of 500 copies

Perfect bound with affixed boards

32 pp., 12 illustrations

245 x 295 mm

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Who Do You Love presents a tightly curated group of unique, never-before-seen pieces—photographic distractions, in the words of the artist—from the 1990s, culled from hundreds made over the course of that decade. Using simple materials, they push at the edge between collage and straight photography, not sitting squarely in either space. A traditional photographic image takes you “elsewhere” and “previously”; the photographic frame acts as a threshold to another place and time. By presenting each image unobscured but in tandem with collage-like elements and handmade marks, Gossage breaks the basic photographic illusion and directs one’s attention back to the surface of the work—to the present—with a rare sophistication. 

These twelve works survey a decade-long artistic practice that occurred concurrently with a straight photographic discipline. The publication includes a conversation between the artist and Darius Himes.

"Get this book. John Gossage never puts a foot, a photograph or a photobook wrong." — Harvey Benge

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