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M.H. Frøslev
Unsettled City (SIGNED)

Photographs by M.H. Frøslev

Design by Spine Studio

Disko Bay, 2019

First edition

Embossed hardcover with linen spine

128 pp., 95 b/w and color illustrations

215 x 285 mm

ISBN 978-87970520-1-3

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Unsettled City is a photographic essay of a human in a metropolis. It is about despair and love in a place where life at times can be very uncertain, though people are still just humans who are trying to live their lives as it unfolds.

The book is a personal depiction of a claustrophobic environment with a cityscape as the framework which capture the cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Here loneliness and longing for intimacy exist. With this book the Danish photographer M.H. Frøslev portray feelings of alienation, inequality and pain on a par with love, admiration and fascination.

“I believe in photography as a state of mind. As a narrator, I am looking for a place I can relate to and that moves me. These photographs are based on my own life and relations. I photograph because it helps me understand my feelings. I photograph my longing, my presence, my love and my fears. My photography is my encounter with the metropolis but it is also a rediscovery of myself and an examination of the feelings and relations that are associated with being linked to another person, a place and a time. In Saint Petersburg and in Moscow I have been confronted with myself, and through this confrontation I have the desire to create a universal image of a human in a metropolis.” – M.H. Frøslev

Born 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark. M.H. Frøslev worked in 2008 as photographic assistant for Danish Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol in Copenhagen but moved initially in 2010 to Moscow and later to Saint Petersburg where he started the project Unsettled City.

His infatuation with picture-making led M.H . Frøslev to explore the silent and haunting experience of walking after dark in the streets of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Here he developed his photographic sense and his intimate relationship with the Russian cities. M.H. Frøslev live and work in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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