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Larry Clark

Photographs by Larry Clark

Text by Larry Clark

Grove Press, 1971

First Grove Press Edition facsimile


62 pp., 55 b/w illustrations

305 x 228 mm

ISBN 080213748252495

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"Staggering, poignant, raw, compasionate, and utterly honest... Tulsa is a major work... It is an intense, visceral, wrenching statement." — THE VILLAGE VOICE

"There's plenty of sex, death, violence, anxiety, boredom, anticipation, fear, joy, anger, resignation, and most of the other significant shadings of life, but the heart of Clark's work is romance, pure and not so simple... In dwelling almost obsessively on the stark exaggerations of the lives of speed freaks, Clark is not asking us to believe that these were poor, misunderstood kids, messing up their heads and bodies, because society left them no alternative... but only to see them as he did, through the eyes of an artist." — AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER

" A searing glimpse into an underclass world of drugs, guns, and sexual abuse... A harrowing, vivid, and unforgettable document. Clark has captured something about American life, about teenagers gone off the deep end out of aimlessness and ennui, and about his own flirtation with self-destruction." — THE NEW YORK TIMES

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