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Gao Bo
Tibet 1985-1995, Offrandes

Photographs by Gao Bo

Text by Gao Bo, Wu Guanzhong, Alejandro Castellote (English / French)

Design by Xavier Barral

Editions Xavier Barral, 2017

First edition

Clothbound hardcover

304 pp., 346 b/w illustrations

170 x 233 mm

ISBN 978-2-36511-132-4

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The venue of his first photographs, Tibet holds a particular place in Chinese artist Gao Bo’s work. This monograph gathers for the first time his entire body of work on Tibet taken over five journeys between 1985 and 1995, immortalizing the ancient rites of buddhist monks and the spiritually-infused everyday life in a spectacular landscape between earth and sky,

Ten years after these images were taken, the artist went back to these photographs and reworked them by using his blood as ink in an automatical calligraphy he refers to as "language of the soul". With this process, Gao Bo highlights the limits of language and strives to overcome the incommunicability of his experience in Tibet. For him, it is less of a sacrifice than an offering.

Born in 1964 in the Sichuan province in China, Gao Bo discovered his calling after a first trip to Tibet, in 1985, where he made a series of portraits of an impressive mastery. After graduating from the Fine Arts Institute of Tsinghua University (Beijing) in 1987, he moved to France in 1990 and became a member of the VU agency. Bo’s work blurs the lines between photography, installation art and performance. With Marcel Duchamp’s precepts as much as with Lao Tseu’s thought in mind, he soon realizes the limits of his photographic practice and starts a process of questioning and reinvention of his work.

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