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Takuma Nakahira
Takuma Nakahira 1000

Photographs by Takuma Nakahira

Text by Junko Gosho (English/Japanese)

Design by Satoshi Machiguchi

1000BUNKO, 2014

First edition

Softcover with dust jacket

1024 pp., b&w illustrated throughout

105 x 147 mm

ISBN 978-4-907994-03-7

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During the preparations for Takuma Nakahira’s 2003 exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art (“Degree Zero - Yokohama”), a large amount of black-and-white prints made by the artist - all previously unknown to the public eye - were discovered. The photos, some of which were made available for the exhibition, were shot in a Yokohama suburb close to the artist’s home, thought to be taken between 1978 and the late 80s. On every day during that period, as early as sunrise, Nakahira would start for a walk in his neighbourhood, ride his bicycle, take photos, then develop the prints himself.

From the large amount of unearthed prints, only “photos that feature cars” and “photos that also feature cars” were selected and compiled into a massive book. By focusing on his photos instead of words, this photobook is an attempt to decipher and understand one of the rarest photographers and critics in the world.

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