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Awoiska van der Molen

Photographs by Awoiska van der Molen

Design by Hans Gremmen

Fw:, 2014

First edition, first printing (out of print)


80 pp., duotone illustrated throughout (partly printed on black paper)

240 x 290 mm

ISBN 978-94-90119-29-4

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Shortlisted for Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award 2014

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Daniel Boetker-Smith, Ramon Pez, Sean O'Hagan, Tom Claxton

Photography exists by the virtue of light, but the landscapes in Awoiska van der Molen’s photographs loom out of the darkness. Her monochrome photographic works arise out of a desire to penetrate deeply into the core of the isolated world in which she photographs. Awoiska van der Molen is known for her monochrome landscapes. She stands out as someone who remains rooted in the riches of analogue photography and printing. She plays out these roots in an extreme manner by creating monumental pieces that combine intentionality in choice of subject and photographic craftsmanship.

Mysterious and sublime,” says Todd Hido of Sequester, a richly printed collection of mostly nocturnal landscapes. Awoiska van der Molen’s traditional approach to analogue photography and printing is complemented by the book’s technical achievements. Moonlit forests, mountains, and vaguely lunar landscapes are underpinned by the blackest blacks and shifting grays, with some pages printed on uncoated black paper that both highlights and dampens the images’ brightest points. Hido praised designer Hans Gremmen’s hands-off layout: “He knows just how to be subdued enough to let [van der Molen’s] pictures speak. It’s a beautiful book".

"Easily one of the best photobooks in a long time." — Jörg Colberg

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