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Richard Misrach
Richard Misrach: Photographers' References

Photographs by Richard Misrach

Text by Baptiste Lignel, Richard Misrach (English)

Design by Baptiste Lignel

Photographers' References, 2016

Edition of 300 copies


174 pp. including gatefold and two fold out covers, 46 illustrations

110 x 220 mm

ISBN 978-29543839-27

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Photographers' References is a book collection of in-depth interviews with established photographers, created in 2014 by Frédérique Destribats and Baptiste Lignel.

Each conversation held over an extended period of time exposes a photographer’s creative and thought processes and provides insight into their practice, mapping out personal references and influences that have contributed to shape their distinctive visual language. Richard Misrach is one of the leading figures in the American tradition of color landscape photography. His work alternates between socially significant projects and series of a more contemplative nature, questioning the very medium he uses as much as the world he lives in. "The desert" is the central allegory and backbone of his oeuvre composed of "cantos". An in-depth exploration of his work with an insight into his own defining references.

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