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Robin Maddock
Our Kids Are Going to Hell (SIGNED)

Photographs by Robin Maddock

Text by Iain Sinclair, Robin Maddock

Design by Fruitmachine

Trolley, 2009

First edition


140 pp., 83 color illustrations

180 x 255 mm

ISBN 978-1-907112-02-7

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Featured in The Photobook: A History volume III

Robin Maddock spent three years accompanying local police going about their work in Hackney, east London. His photographs uncovered both a seedy nocturnal narrative, meandering through a young, and often underage, world of drugs and crime, but also a wider perspective of society and its interactions with the law today.

An endless cycle of raids and arrests that never make the local newspapers, drugs are the most prized aspect of the raid, valued equally by both sides. Usually glamorous in their absence, they become visible only through confrontations, weapons, and a tide of visitors to the house of the parents. Glimpses of arrests and domestic and drug paraphernalia, set against the transient backdrop of fleeting Hackney street corners and stairwells, it will be familiar to but a few. The series shows a cast of characters on both sides of the law playing out their scenes with the mundane daily grind of a resigned and well-played ritual.

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