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Margot Wallard
Natten (SIGNED)

Photograph by Margot Wallard

Design by Greger Ulf Nilsson

Max Strom, 2017

First edition


240 pp., 170 illustrations

200 x 260 mm

ISBN 978-91-7126-416-9

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2017 by Gabriela Cendoya, Rémi Coignet

NATTEN is a process of bereavement comprising all the emotions that surface with the loss of a loved one - but also acceptance, and respect for the essence of life, that the darkest gloom can exist side by side with ineffable beauty.

Margot Wallard spent several years living in the Swedish province of Varmland and her NATTEN project took shape there during a period of deep sorrow after her brother's death. "The environment there provided a frame for the ambiguous that came over me. There was the desire to move on, to heal, but also to prolong my grieving - to sink even deeper into my unease."

The pictured in the book are sorted into chapters, much like the mourning process that Wallard went through. Dead animals alternate with images of ice and seductive landscapes. Largely uninterested in Nature before, she now chose to immerse herself in it - and find protection there. This is also the first time that Wallard has turned the camera on herself.

"In Nature, I found a way of getting over the shock and finding time and the peace to question what I had been through. I scrutinised what I had found in my expeditions - organic material, minerals and dead animals. By documenting reality in its most honest and pure form, I found a way to better understand life and death."

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