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Susana Vargas

Edited by Susana Vargas

Text by Susana Vargas, Cuauhtémoc Medina (Spanish / English)

Design by Olivier Andreotti

Editorial RM, 2014

First edition


96 pp., 84 b/w illustrations

240 x 325 mm

ISBN 978-607-8295-12-8

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Cristina de Middel, Tiane Doan na Champassak

Mujercitos historicizes photographs of men dressed as women in the newspaper Alarma! Únicamente la verdad! (red page for the bloody content). This research examines how these photographs participate in the larger national imaginary of non-normative sexualities in Mexico through an analysis of how and which specific modes of being identified are at play. The images were published in the leading nota roja newspaper in the span of three decades (1963 to 1986).

The images presented in the book portray very sexualized subjects taking center stage within the photographs. The design of the book, inspired by the newsprint tearsheets is by Paris-based graphic designer Olivier Andreotti. The images are compiled by Susana Vargas, who contributes an essay about this particular topic in the Mexican context. The prologue is by Cuauht.moc Medina, the most renowned Mexican art critic.

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ASX (review)Susana Vargas-Cervantes | Performing Mexicanidad: Mujercitos and Hombrecitas on the instersections of sex/gender, class/race-ethnicity and criminality in Mexico

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