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Antonio Caballero
Las Rutas de la Pasión - México 1960's-1970's

Photographs by Antonio Caballero

Text by Alfonso Morales (Spanish/French/English)

Design by Olivier Andreotti

Toluca / Galeria Lopez Quiroga, 2005

Edition of 1,500 copies


224 pp., 90 b/w illustratons

200 x 270 mm

ISBN 2-9522442-2-7

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Born in Mexico City in 1940, Caballero began practicing photography at an early age. As an adolescent he apprenticed as a photojournalist and soon established himself with his photographs appearing in several well-known Mexican newspapers and magazines.

In 1963 Caballero was introduced to the “world of fotonovelas”, small graphic novels similar to comic books with storyboard format and dialogue bubbles that were popular in Italy, Spain and throughout Latin America from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. Caballero soon committed himself to the production of fotonovelas - a process he considered “filming” in which he acted as producer, adapter, director and photographer. According to his own estimate he made no less than five hundred graphic novels between 1963 and 1978. Despite the rushing and the low budgets, Caballero does not regret his passage through the "world of Mexican fotonovelas", a genre which died out at the end of the seventies, a victim of its own commercial and thematic overexploitation.

As in the graphic stories produced for mass consumption, Caballero's sequences are the pieces and the board of a game in which individual readings play a part, an exchange in which as the saying goes, there are different strokes for different folks. The story which goes from the typewriter to the streets, where it is illustrated against a backdrop of parks, restaurants, underpasses, distractions, interstices and vanishing points.

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