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Ed van der Elsken
Looking for Love on the Left Bank

Photographs by Ed van der Elsken

Text by Markus Schaden, Tamara Berghmans

Aman Iman, 2013

First edition


112 pp., illustrated throughout

200 x 270 mm

ISBN 978-2-9533910-9-1

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"What is the purpose of a photography book? Although a growing awareness of the journalistic value of photography has been developing since the start of the millennium, the issue is still a matter of debate. And a single look at some of the most representative works among photo-books is enough to convince you that the question is still relevant." - Markus Schaden in Préliminaires / Making Spadework

Dutch photographer and filmmaker Ed van der Elsken relocated to Paris in 1950. There he found a bohemian group, closely following and photographing their everyday movements, intertwining fiction and reality in a new genre of photography book. The reconstruction of this process from unpublished documents – contact prints, sketches, maps – illuminates not only the nihilist worldview of the young people he befriends but also the cinematographic layout of the book, ‘Love on the Left Bank’.

A fiction extracted from these documents confronts the original narrative that Van der Elsken established in the book, a visual story accompanied by a text by Tamara Berghmans.

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