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Erik Kessels
Image Tsunami

Edited by Erik Kessels

Design by Anna Maria Kiosse

Editorial RM, 2016

First edition


304 pp., 500 color illustrations

175 x 235 mm

ISBN 9788416282531

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Erik Kessels’ multivolume In Almost Every Picture has long been a coveted and revered classic of vernacular photography. In Image Tsunami the Dutch art director has turned his attention to the abundance of images available for finding on the Internet, shared in their millions on websites like Flickr.

In a world where everyone produces and edits photography, where, as Kessels says, “the average kid today gets photographed more than a celebrity of 50 years ago”, what does a single image mean, and what is its status in the overwhelming flood of images? In Kessels’ words: Image Tsunami holds an enormous collection of images that I live with, that I remix and edit. It’s a representation of the overload of imagery that is in my head. My hope is that the book will inspire others to make their own remixes of these images.”

"Digital culture ensures that we are constantly flooded with imagery. We ignore most of it, acknowledging only those images which pique our interest. But, as Kessels states, this, “ocean of images is teeming with life, from beautiful to random, weird, scary, odd, funny, or mind-bogglingly bizarre. It’s all in there, if you know where to look.” Image Tsunami articulates this so energetically, stirring viewers to consider the photos they encounter everyday with a little bit more intention." — Elana Kates, Musee Magazine

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